Living in Montana October 5, 2020

5 Most Popular Fall Trails in Bozeman

Fall 2020 in Bozeman has seen exceptional weather and beautiful fall colors. Hurry and get outside on these 5 most popular fall trails in Bozeman. The season won’t last long!

5 Most Popular Fall Trails in Bozeman

  • Galligator -This popular commuter trail connects Montana State University to Downtown Bozeman. Situated on the trail is Langhor Park—home to community garden plots, a climbing boulder, a natural playground, and a pollinator garden. The trail itself is very pedestrian friendly, with a good mix of sun and shade, views of eclectic backyards, and benches to relax. There are many drop-in points along the way if you feel like browsing some of the cool historic Bozeman neighborhoods that connect to the trail. Off-leash not allowed.

  • Peets Hill/Burke Park -Located just blocks from Main Street, locals lovingly call this 41-acre park Peets Hill. Hike up the steep gravel trail from the Church Street parking lot to the top and take in a beautiful fall sunset. You can’t beat the birds eye view of downtown Bozeman and the mountain ranges that surround the valley. Hundreds visit daily to run, bike and let their dogs run happily off the leash. In the winter Peets Hill is a popular sledding area for kids of all ages. Off-leash allowed.

  • Triple Tree -A local favorite for more than 20 years because of its challenging terrain coupled with breathtaking mountain views. Traverse the single track, out-and-back loop through partially shaded switchbacks and you’ll be rewarded at the top with sweeping views of the valley. Access the- trailhead from Sourdough Road. Off-leash not allowed.

  • Drinking Horse -A great trail for the family with shady pockets throughout and plenty of resting spots to play. There’s views in all four directions on the way up and kids love reaching the top where a homemade fort made of sticks awaits. It’s about a 12-mile, roundtrip bike ride from Bozeman if you’re up for the challenge of a ride and a 2.5-mile hike. The new paved sidewalk and underpass makes it safe and easy to bike from Bozeman, but it’s best to leave the bike parked at the bottom since the trail is busy with hikers. Off-leash allowed.

  • College “M” Trail -This trail is one of the most popular for showing Bozeman off to out-of-town guests. There are two ways up, an easy side and a challenging steep side–both offer very little shade so come prepared with lots of water. The views of Bozeman from the top are incredible. The new paved sidewalk from Bozeman to the “M” makes this trail a great option if you want to get in a ride and a hike. But biking is not recommended on the trail itself because of how busy is it. Off-leash allowed.


Fall isn’t the only time of year to enjoy Bozeman. Here’s a post about why Bozeman is a great place to live year-round. Let me help you find the right home for you. Contact me at

(Photo credit: Gallatin Valley Land Trust)