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affordable housing The Growth Plan Surrounding Bozeman The growth plan surrounding Bozeman is a hot discussion these days. People are moving here in droves and it’s not predicted to slow down anytime soon. In 2020 Bozeman home sales turned out record numbers (even during a pandemic) and sales continued to be robust through the end of the year. There is almost no […]
Entertainment Cross Country Skiing In and Around Bozeman Did you know Bozeman has some of the most amazing cross country skiing in the U.S? There are approximately 70 kilometers of groomed ski trails—including a loop with snowmaking capabilities in downtown Bozeman. The Bridger Ski Foundation added snowmaking to Sunset Hills this winter, which will help extend the winter season. “It’s a big deal […]
First time home buyer real estate What Happened to Bozeman Real Estate in 2020? No one was sure what would happen when the pandemic hit this spring. Well, it turned out this year was one for the record books. Let’s recap what happened to Bozeman real estate in 2020. The pandemic redirected people away from big cities and into less populated towns: Bozeman was especially desirable because of the […]
affordable housing What Should Affordable Housing in Bozeman Look Like? Affordable housing in Bozeman is one of the biggest issues right now.  Affordability feels especially critical because of how tight the market has become since the pandemic. A huge influx of out-of-town buyers helped drive inventory down to record lows and prices up to record highs. The median price of a home in Bozeman is […]
Entertainment Real Estate in Red Lodge Montana Real estate in Red Lodge is a great alternative if you’re looking for a different Montana experience than what Bozeman has to offer. Why You Should Consider Real Estate in Red Lodge Home prices are lower: The median price is $395,000 and the average price is $495,773. In Bozeman for the same period of time, […]
Living in Montana Midterm Rentals in Bozeman Moblhom provides much-needed midterm rentals in Bozeman Ashley McCullough launched Moblhom in 2019 after her own experience with Bozeman’s housing market. When she and her family first moved to town they were living out of a rental while their home was being built. But they soon faced a housing dilemma when their home’s completion date […]
Entertainment What’s It Really Like to Live in Montana? Many buyers came flooding into Montana in summer 2020 spurred by the pandemic. They left the chaos and uncertainty of big cities in search of safe, wide-open spaces and relative affordability. It didn’t hurt that shows like “Yellowstone” portrayed Montana as a badass, beautiful and majestic place. (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle recently ran this story […]
First time home buyer real estate Bozeman’s Growth Plan for the Future Bozeman in the summer of 2020 saw an influx of out-of-town buyers who helped the median home price jump more than $88,000 from July to August. And the Gallatin Association of Realtors Market Watch is predicting the market to stay hot during the typically slower winter months. All this points to the undeniable fact that […]
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Entertainment The Best Ski Resorts to Visit on Your Next Trip to Bozeman Skiing in Montana is some of the best in the country because of the adventurous nature of the unexplored mountains and the balance of sunshine and fresh snow. Bozeman is a great place to start your Montana ski adventure. The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport has 18 direct flights this winter from several major cities and […]
Entertainment The Revitalization of Midtown Bozeman Drive north on Seventh Avenue and you’ll see the revitalization of midtown Bozeman in full swing. The area was designated as the Midtown Urban Renewal District in 2006, but it seems like construction has really taken off in the last year. An urban renewal district is used by city governments to encourage private investment of […]
Living in Montana How to Survive Your First Winter in Bozeman If you were in that huge influx of out-of-town buyers this summer, you’re probably a little nervous about the winter season. Yes, it gets very cold and snowy. But Bozeman winters are also filled with plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities. Winter is a great season if you’re prepared for the roads and have the […]
First time home buyer real estate Where to Stay in Bozeman this Winter Wondering where to stay in Bozeman this winter? These cool hot spots are a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Each offer their own unique guest experience and they’re all a short drive to Big Sky and walking distance to Bozeman’s popular dining and shopping district on Main Street.   Kimpton Armory Hotel The Armory’s […]
First time home buyer real estate Bozeman Gets First Whole Foods Market in Montana Bozeman Gets the First Whole Foods Market in Montana It’s no secret that Bozeman’s growth has been skyrocketing. While the pandemic was shutting down major cities and even some entire states in the summer of 2020, Bozeman saw an influx of out-of-town buyers. What’s more, the Gallatin Association of Realtors Market Watch is predicting that […]
First time home buyer real estate Live/Work Housing in Bozeman (Photo of Northbound Condos) Live/work housing is gaining popularity in Bozeman, especially among young professionals who are looking for places where they can easily work a business out of their home. Buyers also want properties where they can store their toys and have plenty of space to work on them. Some shared features of live/work […]
Living in Montana 5 Most Popular Fall Trails in Bozeman Fall 2020 in Bozeman has seen exceptional weather and beautiful fall colors. Hurry and get outside on these 5 most popular fall trails in Bozeman. The season won’t last long! 5 Most Popular Fall Trails in Bozeman Galligator -This popular commuter trail connects Montana State University to Downtown Bozeman. Situated on the trail is Langhor […]
Living in Montana Which Bozeman Neighborhood Is Right for You? If you’re wondering which Bozeman neighborhood is right for you, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. Are you looking for a neighborhood out of town with room to spread out? Or maybe you want to be in a neighborhood where you can walk to your favorite coffee shop on a whim. If you’re not sure […]
Living in Montana 14 Factors that determine a home’s value In trying to evaluate your home for a listing price that could actually result in a sale, agents and owners should look at the following factors objectively and without emotion. A buyer may react emotionally to an aspect of the home which is great but most buyers will then ask their agent to do a […]
Living in Montana Come home to Bozeman Montana Are you one of many people who are considering a move out of a large city? Come home to Bozeman, a city community of 50,000 located off I-90 in the southwestern region of Montana.  Bozeman can be found in the Gallatin Valley, 4820 feet above sea level and surrounded by Mountain ranges. Our Mountain Ranges […]
Living in Montana Bozeman Real Estate Rebounds After Covid Closures Wow Bozeman, what a month! No one was sure what would happen to the Bozeman real estate market during and after the Covid closures.  We found out this week that Bozeman real estate rebounded decisively. Where we came from…April In my April report, we saw the full effect of the Covid restrictions and concerns about […]
Living in Montana How Coronavirus is affecting the Economy and Bozeman Real Estate We are right now in a unique situation not seen before. I thought it prudent to research how Coronavirus is affecting the economy and Bozeman real estate market Our lives have changed drastically in the past week; kids are home from school, trips have been cancelled, gathering places closed. We also have anxiety about what […]