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The Revitalization of Midtown Bozeman

Drive north on Seventh Avenue and you’ll see the revitalization of midtown Bozeman in full swing. The area was designated as the Midtown Urban Renewal District in 2006, but it seems like construction has really taken off in the last year. An urban renewal district is used by city governments to encourage private investment of blighted areas through the use of public incentives. The midtown area was a no-brainer for the City of Bozeman because of a few factors:

    • Close to Main Street The development and redevelopment of Main Street has hit its capacity. As a result, growth and opportunities are starting to flow towards the adjoining midtown area.
    • Established Neighborhood Community The southern end of Midtown has an established, walkable neighborhood with a good, long-standing elementary school.
    • New Entertainment District Aspen Street will be a fun festival street that will be closed off for events. The BMX park and empty lots nearby will be improved with green spaces that encourage social gatherings.

Welcome to the Revitalization of Midtown Bozeman.

Midtown is a busy construction zone these days, but it will soon be the hottest area to live, work and play. But don’t expect another Main Street. The Midtown Urban Renewal District has a mid-century modern flair that really sets it apart from the historic presence of Main Street. These  commercial developments are some standouts in the revitalization of Midtown Bozeman.

    • Audrey’s Pizza and Brewery The old Rouse Avenue location was a favorite with locals. Audrey’s new location in the old Village Inn Pizza Parlor has been updated with lots of glass, metal and wood. The shiny new brewery towers and big, modern windows are a sight to see on Seventh Avenue. Scheduled for completion by end of 2020.
    • Ruh Building (pictured) This mixed-use development will be traditional brick mixed with glass and metal. The 3,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor will have frontage on busy Seventh Avenue. The upper floors are made up of four, 1-bedroom apartments and 12, 2-bedroom apartments for rent. The residential perks will include high-end finishes, an in-unit washer/dryer, and personal storage units. Scheduled for completion in December 2020.
    • Aspen Crossing This mixed-use development will be a unique mix of restaurants and coffee shop on the ground floor; cool office space on the second floor; and sleek, high-end condos on the third floor. Scheduled for completion March 2021.
    • The Elm You can’t miss this new music venue right next to the RSVP Hotel on Seventh Avenue. The building’s architecture is clean, modern and state-of-the-art. It will be one of Montana’s best event venues for size (up to 1,500 people) and fan experience.

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(Photo of The Ruh Building courtesy of Life Style Solutions Real Estate)