Living in Montana November 12, 2019

Warm Places that are easy to get to from Bozeman!

You may have noticed that it’s gotten chilly outside and there’s been a fair amount of white stuff falling to the ground.  But alas, Bridger is not slated to open until December 6 and Big Sky is slated to open November 28.  And as much as we love winter sports, it is nice to get a break and go somewhere warm at some point over the winter. 

So where can one go fairly easily – let’s take a look at the airline schedules and see.

  1. Hawaii.  This one my family knows well as we own a home At Mauna Lani on the Big Island (we rent it out, if you’re interested.   Link  Since we are Alaska Frequent fliers, I will lay out the routing on Alaska but United and Delta have similar offerings.  You can depart on the 7:40 am flight, do a quick stop in Seattle and then be back on a plane at 9:50 am and have a Lei around your neck and a Mai Tai in your hand by 2:25.  Alternately, you can leave at 1:25 and be in Kona by 10 pm.  The flights are almost identical for trips to Maui.
  2. Mexico.  First example I will use is Los Cabos. Leaving on that same 7:40 am flight, connecting in Seattle, you can have your margarita in hand by 3:10.  Delta and Aeromexico have a nice code share that will have you depart at 6 am and have you touch down in Puerto Vallarta at 3 pm.  Just one stop needed for that one too.
  3. Southern California. LAX can be a great jumping off point to either head north through Santa Barbara wine country or head south and enjoy the beaches all the way down through San Diego.  Easy one here as United has a direct flight that leaves at 3 and gets you into LA at 5.  There is a direct flight coming back too.  If you are an airline loyalist (choices being Alaska and Delta), One can take the Alaska 7:40 to Seattle and be in LA by 12:45.  Delta has a similar offering and one a little later in the morning that goes through Salt Lake City.
  4. What about the Caribbean or a cruise option? That can be done too!  You can fly to Miami with one stop on either American or United and get there in less than 8 hours.  The United offering actually gets you in time to get some dinner and then hit the bars in South Beach.  Or you could get your connection to your Caribbean Island on an early evening flight.  Long Day of traveling but you could be on some Caribbean Island enjoying Rum Punch in one day.

Our Yellowstone International Airport is one of our favorite parts of living in Bozeman.  It is visually attractive, efficient, has TSA precheck, the Montana Corral has great gifts and the Copper Horse actually has tasty food and timely service and one of the best views in town.  I am always amazed that I can go through that security line and go anywhere in the world without having to repeat that process as long as we stay in the airport during layovers.  Can’t beat it!